Ini Dia Event Bagaimana Rahasia Cantik Menurut Islam


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Ini Dia Event Bagaimana Rahasia Cantik Menurut Islam
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From : Петък, 12 Февруари 2016 07:00
Until : Събота, 13 Февруари 2016 12:00
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Детайли на събитието

In Islam we are enjoined always accustom clean life. Especially as a woman we always want to look clean, pretty and neat .. rasullulloh as the word of Allah. Anna dhofattu minnal faith. Cleanliness is the side of faith. Therefore As a woman, looking beautiful does not necessarily remove the need to cost up to several hundred thousand to buy cosmetics and even went to the salon just to make themselves beautiful. Here oliep will give a guide to looking beautiful in a natural way and natural.

#Supaya Face always fresh, and beautiful Beseri-series, n5 minimum washing times a day with water for ablution, and so let drip dry yourself, take prayer, prayer, dhikr and pray ...

# To get rid of stress or wrinkles on the face, perbanyaklah sport. However, if never to go to the fitness, quite simply multiply prayers. With meaningful prayer we mobilize all sides of the body. So that the heart can be more calm, curhatlah the gods, and issued laments that until now we feel. Through prayer and dhikr ...

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#Agar Us young, do not need to buy a moisturizer or me_up, but we always familiarize 3S namely semyum, greetings, and greetings. The smile was not just lip service, but also in the liver. Tell yourself, do not necessarily look gorgeous plastic surgery. Do not forget the whispers on his own before we dress (glazed) "Allahumma Khamma khasannta kholqi Fahassin qalqi" yes god like you've beautify your deeds, so perindah also akhlakqu. (Hr. Ahmad)

# To get beautiful lips, bissikkan sentences of God, do not lie, defame, or harm another orng, not in use to brag or arrogant. Frequently our lips in use for dhikr and pray.

#Supaya We get a slim body, thinner, and smooth, doing a regular diet with fasting ie 2 x (Monday-Thursday). If you are getting a good strong again did fast as the Prophet David AS: one day of fasting, a day not fasting. And consume food that is halal, reproduce vegetables, fruits and water

#Supaya We could have seen more graceful, menggunakanlah papers and bepakaian Muslim headscarf.

# To improve themselves, smiles, greetings, and greetings. With this we will have many known and treasured by most people.


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